What’s New?


  • For 19 years of broadcast ministry in Arcadia, LA at 92.5 FM, 18 years in Paris, TX at 89.3 FM, for 10 six years in Mansfield, LA at 104.7 FM, seven years in Marlow and Chickasha, OK at 88.7 FM and 90.5 FM, four years in Natchitoches, LA at 88.7 FM and three years in Burnet, TX at 95.9 FM.
  • For God’s gracious provision in 2018.
  • For the engineering staff that faithfully maintains the studios, towers and transmitter sites for all 54 outlets of the Network.
  • For a refurbished transmitter in San Angelo, TX that will help with the reliability of the 93.9 FM signal.


  • For locating several acres to lease or buy south of Stonewall, TX to relocate the Fredericksburg tower. (A temporary facility has been provided, but a permanent location is still needed)
  • For staff member, Jim Lingenfelter who has been diagnosed with cancer and is being treated in a hospice facility. For staff member, Krystal Tyler who is suffering from vocal chord damage and is still only able to whisper.
  • For programmer, Ken Boone, of “We Kids” with Mr. Nick who lost everything including his home and recording studio in the fire that destroyed Paradise, California last November.
  • For the Lord’s direction for the ministry in 2019.