What’s New?

Easter Specials

Journey To Bethany
April 5 – April 22 | 8 pm CDT, 9 pm EDT, Weekdays
A dramatization of the life of Christ from His birth to His Ascension will be aired in place of the evening broadcast of “Unshackled”.

April 14 -Palm Sunday | 1pm – 4pm CDT, 2pm – 5pm EDT
The complete “Messiah” will be aired and all other programming is preempted between 1pm and 4pm. The broadcast includes background information about the music and composition of the life of Christ by George Frederick Handel. The “Messiah” was written in 24 days.

April is Survey Month!

April is Survey month at KHCB and your feedback is so important to us! Please complete the short survey by April 30. You may complete it online or fill out the survey in the April newsletter. If you want a newsletter call toll free 888-777-KHCB.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


  • For the new station in Lubbock, TX at 104.3 FM. This is the 55th outlet of the KHCB Network!
  • For God’s gracious and generous provision of a gift from Francis Restelle’s estate that helped to cover the shortfall of the budget in 2018 and helped to pay for the purchase of the Lubbock station.
  • For eight years of broadcast ministry in Austin, TX at 90.9 FM and for 91.1 FM in Kerrville, T X that has been on the air for 21 years and now broadcasts the Radio Amistad programs in Spanish.
  • For the volunteers who help Christian radio in many ways at the tower locations and the main studios in Houston, TX.


  • For Pastor Skip Smith as he retires from 57 years of broadcast ministry on KHCB and moves with his wife to a new city to be closer to their children.
  • For Rex Sanders who is dealing with some health issues including chronic pain.
  • For staff member, Krystal Tyler who is suffering from vocal chord damage and is still only able to whisper.
  • For locating several acres to lease or buy south of Stonewall, TX to relocate the Fredericksburg tower. (A temporary facility has been provided, but a permanent location is still needed)