What’s New for November?

November Calendar

  • November 1 | Daylight Saving Time Ends (set clock back one hour)
  • November 3 | Election Day
  • November 6 | Jefferson, TX 91.9 FM – 17 years (2003)
  • November 8 | Carthage, TX 88.3 FM – 8 years (2012)
  • November 10 | Port Arthur, TX 106.7 FM – 9 years (2011)
  • November 11 | Veterans Day
  • November 26 | Thanksgiving Day
  • November 27 | Madisonville, TX 91.5 FM – 14 years (2006)
  • November 26-27 | “Remembering Pilgrims” 4pm Central

Back to the Bible going off the air

“Back to the Bible” has been connecting people to Jesus for over 80 years. Theodore Epp founded the ministry in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1939. The radio broadcast has been aired on KHCB for more than 55 years. KHCB has had a rich history with Back to the Bible including when Dr. Epp came and helped dedicate the new studios at 2424 South Blvd in Houston back in 1979. The progrm has included Bible teaching from Dr. Epp, Warren Wiersbe, and Woodrow Kroll.

The ministry is making some changes and they have decided to discontinue the daily radio broadcast. They will now be focusing on reaching unbelievers through digital solutions provided on smart phones The last broadcast date of “Back to the Bible” was Friday, October 30. For more information, go to gotandem.com.

Even though “Back to the Bible” has decided to discontinue the broadcast, you will still hear good Bible-teaching weekday mornings at 9:00 AM CT. “The Winning Walk” with Dr. Ed Young will be moving to this time slot from 10:30 PM CT.

KHCB’s 2021 Calendar

“In God We Trust” is the theme for KHCB’s 2021 wall calendar and includes Bible verses to encourage you to trust in the Lord. This calendar is free of charge as long as supplies last. Please limit your request to two calendars per family. In order to assure a speedy and effective mailing process, all requests must be made by postal mail. Please do not request by electronic mail or by calling.

Please mail an address label or sticker with your name and address in black ink that we can affix to an envelope. Mail your label with the coupon provided below with the number of calendars desired circled. We ask that you allow four to six weeks for delivery. For those in the Houston area feel free to come by and pick up your calendars at the KHCB studios at 2424 South Blvd., Houston 77098. This will also help KHCB as postal rates have increased. Thank you for listening and for Keeping Him Close By!

Praise Report

  • For 17 years of broadcast ministry in Jefferson, TX at 91.9 FM, 14 years in Madisonville, TX at 91.5 FM, nine years in Port Arthur, TX at 106.7 FM, and eight years in Carthage, TX at 88.3 FM.
  • For the provision from the Pete Steigerwald Legacy Fund to purchase new station transmitters for Kerrville, Texarkana, and Carthage.
  • For the programmers who faithfully teach and preach God’s Word.

Prayer Requests

  • For new listeners to tune in by radio, the internet or the phone app.
  • For the Lord’s financial provision for the ministry needs this year. The year-to-date deficit as of October 20 was ($545,000). Last year at this time the deficit was (569,400).
  • For safety and protection of the tower crew that will build and replace the damaged tower in Sulphur, OK.