What’s New for March?

March Monthly Events

  • March 1 | Lubbock, TX 104.3 FM two years (2019)
  • March 2 | Texas Independence Day, 1836 and Bastrop, TX 88.5 FM 17 years (2004)
  • March 5 | Brownwood, TX 91.7 FM 12 years (2009)
  • March 6 | Alamo Heroes Day, 1836
  • March 9 | Houston, TX 105.7 FM 59 years (1962)
  • March 14 | Daylight Saving Time Begins
  • March 16 | Del Rio, TX 99.3 FM four years (2017)
  • March 20 | First Day of Spring
  • March 27 | Passover Begins
  • March 28 | Palm Sunday

59th Anniversary

Marvin Franer

In the late 1950’s, there were only a handful of Christian radio stations in the United States, and none in Houston. Marvin Franer, had a Christian program on a secular station that was being discontinued by that station due to a format change. Franer challenged listeners to pray that God would raise a full time Christian station that would never change its format.

The Lord moved a humble group of Christians to pray, and the Lord answered their prayers by granting a construction permit to build a station at 105.7 FM. At that time, AM was the most listened to band because FM was just beginning, and some doubted the wisdom of acquiring an FM station.

Del Underwood led the charge in doing the engineering studies, and about five years later, KHCB was launched on the air and has been broadcasting God’s Word without commercials ever since. We thank God for sustaining the ministry through unsolicited donations and without charging programmers for airtime. Thank the Lord with us for 59 years of Keeping Him Close By.


  • For 59 years of broadcasting the Word of God at 105.7 FM in Houston.
  • For 17 years of Christian programming in Bastrop, TX at 88.5 FM, 12 years in Brownwood, TX at 91.7 FM, four years in Del Rio, TX at 99.3 FM and two years in Lubbock, TX at 104.3 FM.
  • For new transmitters installed in Kerrville, Texarkana and Carthage, TX through gifts received to the Pete Steigerwald Legacy Fund.
  • For the generator that allowed the programming to continue on the Network during the winter storm.


  • For the Lord’s direction and provision for the ministry in 2021.
  • For being able to relocate the Fredericksburg tower. A temporary facility has been provided, but a permanent location is still needed.
  • For new listeners to find the Keeping Him Close By Network and hear the Gospel on the radio, the internet or the phone app.