The Pete Steigerwald Legacy Fund

In 1990, the Lord began opening the door for KHCB to expand beyond one station in Houston to other cities that needed a Christian radio station with solid Bible teaching. KHCB has always operated on the policy of not borrowing money for either ongoing expenses or new acquisitions so the Board of Trustees established the “Expansion Fund” in order to pay for the expenses related to purchasing these stations.

Through faithful generous gifts from listeners, KHCB exceeded the most recent Expansion Fund (Phase IV), which had a goal of one million dollars. We praise the Lord for providing $1,019,400 which paid for the most recent new outlets in Del Rio, Hot Springs, and Oklahoma.

Rather than beginning another Expansion Fund, the Board decided to begin a Legacy Fund in honor of KHCB’s former Executive Director, Pete Steigerwald. After his passing, KHCB received a very generous $55,000 gift from Pete’s trust and felt that the best way to honor Pete would be to use his donation as the seed for this trust so that KHCB could continue to operate the ministry without debt.

The new Pete Steigerwald Legacy Fund will differ slightly from the Expansion Funds because it will be used to upgrade aging equipment such as transmitters, antenna’s and satellite receivers as well as for the purchase of new outlets.

As he was aging, Pete often asked the Board, not to ever change the way the station has operated for over 55 years: never beg for money on the air, and never borrow money for expenses. The Board continues to operate the ministry following these cardinal rules. Even when donations fall short of the budget on any given month, the ministry has cash in reserve until the shortfall can be made up. Thankfully, KHCB has always been able to end each year completely debt free.

If you would like to donate to the Pete Steigerwald Legacy Fund please make that notation on your check or visit the donation page.