Keeping the Hymns Close By

My Faith Has Found A Resting Place

Author – Lidie H. Edmunds (Eliza Edmunds Hewitt), 1851 – 1920
Composer – William J. Kirkpatrick, 1838 – 1921
Published in 1891.

Who through Him believe in God, who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God. I Peter 1:21

Eliza Edmunds Hewitt

Eliza Edmunds Hewitt was born in Philadelphia June 28, 1851. After graduation from high school Eliza became a teacher. However she suffered a very serious spinal injury which cut short her career. The injury was so severe that she was placed in a body cast and was bedridden for six months. She would eventually make a recovery, but she still suffered occasional episodes of severe back pain throughout her life, which served to limit her activities somewhat. During her convalescence, she used this time to further her studies in English literature. She also began to write poems in which she proclaimed her faith in the Lord and His grace and mercy. She was a regular contributor to various Sunday School publications. She went on to teach Sunday school and served as a Sunday School superintendent at her church until she died. She also served as the Sunday School superintendent at the Northern Home for Friendless Children, a home for orphaned children. She loved children and loved teaching them about the Lord. However she never had any children of her own, as she never married.

Eliza simply refused to give in to discouragement, depression and despair. No matter what afflictions came her way, she determined to rejoice in the Lord always. She became very close friends with Fanny Crosby and these two women would spend much time together, encouraging one another, and working on hymns.

“My Faith Has Found A Resting Place” was published in 1891 in the book Songs of Joy and Gladness, No. 2. Hymnals list Lidie H. Edmunds as the author of the hymn. For years no one seemed to know who she was. It was actually Eliza Edmunds Hewitt. Lidie H. Edmunds was the pseudonym that she used for this hymn. In those days, hymnists often used pen names because publishers were nervous about having too many hymns from one author in their books. Fanny Crosby published under the names Carrie Hawthorne, Lillian G. Frances, Louise W. Tilden, Eleanor Craddick and 200 others!

One can only imagine how Eliza’s own experiences inspired the faith and lyrics for this hymn. She is well known for some other hymns including “Will there be any Stars in My Crown?” “When We All Get to Heaven,” “Sunshine in My Soul” and “More About Jesus Would I Know.”

William J. Kirkpatrick

The tune for this hymn is a Norwegian Folk Melody that was arranged by William James Kirkpatrick. He went on to write the melodies of other hymns including “Jesus Saves” “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”, (August 2015 Hymn of the Month), and “Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It”. After the initial publication, the song is not known to be reprinted until the 1944 hymnal, Choice Hymns of the Faith.

Eliza passed from this life on April 24, 1920 at the age of 68, and is buried in the Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Taken from From Darkness to Sunshine, The Life of Eliza Edmunds Hewitt by Al Maxey from Reflections May 29, 2014. Used by permission.

Taken from Then Sings My Soul Keepsake Edition by Robert J. Morgan Copyright © 2011 Robert J. Morgan. Used by permission of Thomas Nelson