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What Is Christian Radio?

The mission is:

  • To introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.
  • To nurture your spiritual growth and personal involvement in a local church.
  • To encourage and comfort you with beautiful music and Bible teaching.

This is a non-denominational, independent ministry, guided by a Board of Trustees and supported by the gifts of individual listeners. Because it is listener-supported, the Board is responsible to the listeners and not to a particular broadcaster, church or denomination.

The focus is the Lord Jesus Christ. All programs are Biblically based, with sound doctrine, and a clear message exalting the name, the work, and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The music format is inspirational. All songs are carefully reviewed by the music director and must be Biblically based, true to the Word of God, and appropriate to the format.

The History:

The history of how KHCB has been chronicled in the book “For It Is God Who Works“, which was authored by Dolly Martin Monroe in 1997. The contents of the book are available online for you to see how God has blessed the ministry of KHCB since 1962.

Public Inspection Files