Praise Ye The Lord The Almighty

Author – Joachim Neander, 1650 – 1680
English Translation – Catherine Winkworth, 1827 – 1878
Tune – “Lobe Den Herren”

Psalm 67:3 – Let the people praise Thee, O God; let all the people praise Thee.

Joachim Neander was born in Bremen, Germany. He wrote approximately sixty hymns and composed many tunes. Nearly all of his hymns are triumphant expressions of praise. Neander, though only thirty years of age when he died, was a noted scholar in theology, literature and music, as well as pastor of the Reformed Church in Dusseldorf, Germany. He wrote this hymn – the year he died – while battling tuberculosis. The Julian Dictionary of Hymnology calls this hymn “a magnificent hymn of praise, perhaps the finest production of its author…”

Catherine Winkworth was born in London, England in 1927. She was a pioneer in the higher education of women. Miss Winkworth was regarded as one of the finest translators of the German language while expressing the text in English. Her translations helped to make German hymns popular in England during the nineteenth century.

It is said that Joachim Neander personally chose the tune, “Lobe Den Herren” (“Praise to the Lord”), for his text, and his words have never been used with any other melody.

Praise Ye The Lord The Almighty” is generally regarded as one of the greatest hymns of praise of the Christian church and since being translated into English it has appeared in most major hymnals.