What’s New?

Praise Reports

  • For the Lord’s provision in making the budgeted needs for July.
  • For seventeen years of broadcast ministry in Huntsville, TX at 1410 AM, and seven years at 98.7 FM. These stations broadcast the Spanish outreach of Radio Amistad.
  • For seventeen years of broadcast ministry in Texarkana, TX at 92.5 FM, and nine years in Fredericksburg, TX at 91.5 FM.
  • For the permit received from the FCC to increase the power output for the Del Rio station, 99.3 FM.

Prayer Reports

  • For the engineers as they rebuild the Madisonville station. We are thankful that the work has begun.
  • For the Lord’s financial provision for the ministry needs this year. The year to date deficit is ($)
  • For a new location for the Fredericksburg station
  • For former “Vital Issues” programmer, Cindy Littlefield, as she battles Alzheimer’s and for her husband, Craig, as he cares for her.