What’s New?

Monthly Events

  • Feb. 2 Ruston, LA 94.7 FM – eight years (2011)
  • Feb. 11 Radio Amistad 1400 AM (Spanish) – 28 years (1991)
  • Feb. 18 Presidents’ Day
  • Feb. 22 George Washington’s Birthday
  • Feb. 23 Two Year anniversary of Bismarck, AR – 93.5 FM, Pearcy/Hot Springs, AR – 104.5 FM, Mountain Pine, AR(Spanish) – 101.9 FM
  • Feb. 26 Texarkana, TX 91.9 FM (Spanish) – six years (2013)
  • Feb. 26 Envelope Stuffing Day


  • For God’s gracious financial provision in December.
  • For 28 years of broadcast ministry in Spanish in the Houston/Galveston area at AM 1400.
  • For eight years Christian programming in Ruston, LA at 94.7 FM, for six years of airing Radio Amistad’s Spanish programs in Texakarkana, TX at 91.9 FM, and two years in Arkansas at 93.9 FM in Bismarck, at 104.5 FM in Pearcy/Hot Springs and in Spanish at 101.9 FM in Mountain Pine.
  • For Rex Sanders 50 years of broadcast ministry at KHCB.


  • For staff member, Rex Sanders who is dealing with some health issues including chronic pain.
  • For staff member, Krystal Tyler who is suffering from vocal chord damage and is still only able to whisper.
  • For locating several acres to lease or buy south of Stonewall, TX to relocate the Fredericksburg tower. (A temporary facility has been provided, but a permanent location is still needed)
  • For the Lord’s direction and provision for the ministry in 2019.