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Save the Date! Sunday, October 28th

You are invited to “meet and greet” the KHCB staff, volunteers, Houston area programmers and Ed Cannon, host of the program “FEBC Today” on Sunday, October 28, 1 pm to 4pm CST. Ed will be giving updates on the ministry of FEBC that airs programs on AM and FM stations worldwide in 113 languages. You’ll have the opportunity to see the “Air Control” rooms from which all of the KHCB programming broadcasts to 55 stations in English, Spanish and Chinese. Some of the gadgets that the engineers tinker with to keep the Network running 24/7 will be on display. We look forward to seeing you and hope you will come with your family and friends.

There will be free off-site shuttle parking
The parking will be at two locations this year. Discount Tire at 2927 Southwest Freeway and Chick-fil-A at 2715 Southwest Freeway have graciously offered their parking lots for the event. You can access the lots from the Southwest Freeway feeder, exiting at Buffalo Speedway and staying on the feeder. You can also access the lots from Westpark. For directions or more information call toll free 888-777-KHCB


  • For the three new outlets in San Angelo, TX at 93.9 FM, 1340 AM and 94.3 FM. English and Spanish Christian broadcasts will be aired in West Texas.
  • For 21 years of broadcast ministry in San Marcos, TX at 88.5 FM, 19 years in Giddings, TX at 91.1 FM, 12 years in Lockhart, TX at 88.3 FM and four years in Ringgold, LA at 98.5 FM.
  • For the volunteers who faithfully serve at Christian Radio.
  • For the opportunity to have an Open House on October 28.


  • For staff member, Jim Lingenfelter who has been diagnosed with cancer and is being treated in a hospice facility
  • For the Lord’s financial provision for the ministry needs this year. The year-to-date deficit as of September 18 is ($618,002)
  • For locating several acres to lease or buy south of Stonewall, TX to relocate the Fredericksburg tower. (A temporary facility has been provided, but a permanent location is still needed)
  • For staff member, Krystal Tyler who suffered vocal chord damage three years ago in a head on collision car accident. She continues to receive therapy but is still only able to whisper.