What’s New?

Praise Reports

  • For eight years of broadcast ministry in Caldwell, TX at 91.9 FM, and 10 years in Shreveport, LA at 96.9 FM.
  • For the freedom in America to broadcast the Word of God.
  • For the wonderful testimonies of listeners who have been impacted by Christian Radio.
  • For the volunteers who faithfully serve at KHCB in many different ways.

Prayer Reports

  • For the engineers as they rebuild the Madisonville station after the devastating fire.
  • For the Lord’s protection of the equipment and facilities during the hurricane season.
  • For the Lord’s financial provision for the ministry needs this year. The year to date deficit is ($436,122)
  • For Krystal Tyler, who continues to receive weekly treatments to restore her voice. She suffered vocal chord damage in a car accident in the fall of 2015. She is only able to whisper.

Madisonville Fire

When Deb and Wayne Fowler arrived at the transmitter site for KHCB’s Madisonville station on Sunday, June 4 to do their regular maintenance of the property they noticed smoke coming out of the building. They immediately called 911 and the firefighters came on the scene shortly afterward but the station was engulfed in flames. They used water and foam to bring the fire under control but not before all the equipment in the building had become charred. Thankfully the fire did not damage the tower or the antenna on top of the tower.

The KHCB engineers went to work the next morning to get the station back on the air as soon as possible. A new portable building was delivered four days after the fire and KHCB engineers took some equipment to the temporary 8 foot by 10 foot building. Scott Chase, a master electrician and long time KHCB volunteer was there to wire all the connections in the new building. The Lord graciously allowed KHML 91.5 FM to begin broadcasting at reduced power (about 5,000 watts) just 5 days after the devastating fire using a spare transmitter.

A larger permanent transmitter building along with a new transmitter that will allow KHML to broadcast at the full 100,000 watts will be delivered and installed as soon as possible. We thank the Lord for the dedicated and qualified engineers that worked hard to put our Madisonville station back on the air.

The exact cause of the blaze has not been determined by insurance investigators but lightning is their suspected catalyst. We praise the Lord that the Fowler’s were there at the right time to report the fire. The repairs will cost KHCB around $20,000 and the rest will be covered by insurance.