Support KHCB

By Praying

Prayer is a vital part of the KHCB ministry. It was because of the prayers of concerned believers that this ministry was born and now continues to expand in His service. The outreach of KHCB is dependent upon your prayers. Here are this month’s Praise and Prayer items.Thank you for keeping the ministry of Christian Radio in your prayers.

By Volunteering

Since the ministry began in 1962, volunteers have been an important and vital part of the minstry.

By Giving

KHCB is a completely non-commerical listener-financed ministry. Christian Radio is not funded or endowed by any private group or denomination. Free air time is given to broadcasters on KHCB. Income comes from listener contributions which are tax deductible. The budget covers the expenses for the entire KHCB network of stations including the Spanish and Chinese ministries.

Credit Cards

We can take individual credit card donations (VISA, MC, and Discover) and bank withdrawals on the website.

Would you like to give online?

Recurring Donations
If you would like to set up recurring or automatic donations to KHCB, please call the KHCB Office. An account where donations can be automatically allocated to KHCB can be setup. The number is 713-520-5200 in the Houston area, and toll free 1 (888) 777-5422.

Grocery Cards

An additional way you can help KHCB is by linking your grocery cards to KHCB. Several grocery chains provide a program that will donate a percentage of your purchases to KHCB. Two companies that provide this are Kroger and Randalls.

Kroger –
Any time you shop at Kroger using your Kroger Plus Card, you will be accumulating rewards for KHCB for the 2015-2016 program. You must have a registered Kroger Plus card account to be able to link your card to KHCB. You can link your card by going online to, enter your Kroger card number and the KHCB number 97190.

Or you may call 800-576-4377 and do it over the phone. You will not be able to link your card to KHCB in the grocery store where you shop. It will have to be done online or by phone.

Remember purchases will not count for KHCB until you register your card online or by phone.

Randalls –
To link your Randalls Remarkable Card to KHCB visit Click on the black bold text banner that says “Click here for a Good Neighbor Program link form”. Fill out the form and print it. Then drop it by the Randalls Courtesy Booth. KHCB’s number is 2612.

Thank you for giving to KHCB!