Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an event to the church calendar?
Please include the name & date of the event, the name of your church, a contact phone number, and the network station in your announcement.

The e-mail address is

And as always – Announcements do not constitute an endorsement of the event or organization by the KHCB Radio Network.

How can I obtain music heard on KHCB?
If you desire to call us and ask about a particular song, call as soon as possible after hearing the song on the radio. The more time that elapses before you call decreases the chance that the person who played the song will remember what was played. KHCB has a good deal of music that is out of print and can not be obtained – but we suggest you call us and make sure.

Also, search the Program & Music Search page on this website. We have numerous links to people and companies that focus their ministry on music. They should have contact and/or ordering information on their webpage.

How do I sign up to receive the monthly newsletter?
You can call the network and give us your address. Also, you can go to the Request for Materials page and select the option to receive the newsletter and fill in the appropriate information.

How can I get a bumper sticker, letter sticker, or a pen?
You can either call and give us the information or you can use the Request for Materials page. These items are intended for those who listen by radio near one of our network stations.

Where can I find a list of your station locations?
A complete list of stations can be found on our KHCB on your Radio page.

How come I can not access the donation page?
Some have reported problems donating to KHCB through the website. Please note that you must use the Internet Explorer software to access the secure processing page. Other web browsers such as Firefox and Opera may not transfer you to the secure page.

Also, if you having trouble accessing the page, an old entry in your browsing history files may be the problem. The solution is to clear the web browser cache of files. To do this, select Tools in the top menu bar and click on Internet Options. Under the General Tab, look at the “Browsing history” section and click the Delete button. This will clear out the cache. Then come back and refresh the KHCB site and try it again.

If you do not want to clear out your entire browser history, then click on the Settings tab under “Browsing history” and view the list of files, and delete the files attached to