Mar. 5, 2008 - Mission Network News Headlines have been added to the homepage.

Jan. 11, 2008 - Began using the rotating pictures on the homepage.

Dec. 31, 2007 - The donation pages are now updated to the current style of the website. Also updated the station list on the donation pages.

Nov. 23, 2007 - There were some broken links that were fixed. Also, with the exception of the home page, all webpages are now using PHP instead of HTML.

Jan. 1, 2007 - New Winamp version 5.32 is available for download. Itunes link now updated to version 7.

Jul. 11, 2006 - The terms and frequently asked question for automatic donations have been added. This page was previously omitted upon updating the website - my apologies.

Jun. 28, 2006 - New Winamp version 5.24 is available for download to protect against security flaws in prior versions.

Jun. 5, 2006 - Updated all programming schedules for the current schedule as of June 5, 2006. Music search has been updated. KHCB Network information has been updated with the new station information from Victoria. New Winamp version 5.22 is available for download.

Feb. 19, 2006 - Updated the "Program and Music Search" page to the new website format. This page lists the address and contact information for all programs and many of the music artists heard on KHCB.

Feb. 14, 2006 - Updated the "Downloads" page to include to updated version of Winamp. The program was updated to fix some security flaws. Also, the instructions have been modified for clearer instruction.

Feb. 6, 2006 - More sections have been updated including the Network Stations page and the Request for Materials page.

Dec 5, 2005 - The pages have been better adapted for viewing at a resolution of 800 x 600. The FAQ page and download pages have been added to the new format. Also added a separate section for daily devotions.

Nov. 14, 2005 - This is the first day using the new website design. The home page, the interview page, and program schedules are released. The frames (or stationary information) on the website are now gone and there is a better use of the current logo in the header.
There will be many more updates to come.

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