Chapter 17 - "For It Is God Who Works"


Chapter 17 - Trustees

        When Christian Radio became a non-profit, non-stock corporation in February of 1966, a Board of Trustees was created in order to fulfill the Texas requirements of governing the ministry. The original members of the Board came from those who had donated their stock to the newly founded tax-exempt entity. The Board's responsibilities were to establish policy and the doctrinal stand of the ministry as well as to set goals, to give direction, and to assist management in carrying out the Trustees' decisions. They met regularly deciding on matters such as the type of programming to be aired and other pertinent issues necessary for the ongoing mission.

        All of the Trustees have played important roles in the life of KHCB. Paul King, one of the original Trustees, cared deeply for people, and he was particularly concerned about those who worked at KHCB. He didn't buy the philosophy that missionaries must be poor.

        The first time the station had a financial surplus at the end of the year was in 1969 and ideas abounded as to what to do with the money. Some wanted to spend it on improvements to the station. Paul argued strongly for the money to be given to the employees. "Whatever money we don't need, we should give to our people."

        Paul used to cherish opportunities to visit the station and take Pete out to lunch. He was always helping people in one way or another, but his help was always private. He never flaunted his giving. On the contrary, his life exemplified Christ's command "Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing." On one occasion, his maid was in danger of losing her home, and without telling his wife, he paid her rent. He delighted in helping people who he knew.

        Del Underwood served as the first chairman of the Board, a position which he held until 1987. He not only served in an advisory capacity as a Trustee, but often helped in the day to day operation. The Lord used Del in many ways, not only to bring Christian Radio to Houston but to help direct and oversee the ministry for 25 years. His selfless giving of time and resources has been an example to all those who have come after him.

        Some of the other Trustees who have served or are serving are: Ross Foltz, Bill Strube, Jack Frey, Dan Dominguez, Paul Pressler, Mike Wells, Alex Adams, Bruce Munsterman, as well as the late Dr. Ardis White, Miss Winifred Bleeker, and Sydney Green.

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Table of Contents

Foreword & Preface
1. From Houston to the World
2. A Seed is Planted
3. Getting Started
4. The Lord's Ways
5. God Reveals His Best
6. The Lord Provides Personnel
7. Remodeling
8. Financial Struggles
9 Ministering Servants
10. KHCB Goes to the Rodeo
11. Programming
12. Expanding
13. New Studio Building
14. The Tall Tower
15. Volunteers
16. Changed Lives
17. Trustees
18. AM Station Acquired
19. Hispanics Launch Friendship Radio
20. Chinese Language Programming
21. The Gospel in Vietnamese
22. Translator Takes KHCB-FM to Bryan
23. Reaching for the Stars
24. To the Ends of the Earth
25. And the Work Goes On