Chapter 15 - "For It Is God Who Works"


Chapter 15 - Volunteers

        Volunteers have always been the lifeblood of KHCB's ministry. Hundreds of dedicated men and women have served in one capacity or another. The same criteria were used for the selection of volunteers as that for the staff of Missionary Radio. Experience was not necessary. Rather, the staff has always looked for men and women who love the ministry and are not looking for personal gain. Some of the tasks relegated to volunteers include: receptionist, stuffing and mailing the program schedule each month, running the control board at night and on weekends, producing local programs, and many other important jobs. KHCB is the only Christian radio station in Houston that entrusts a large portion of the work to volunteers. This emphasis makes KHCB unique.

        Some have helped the station for a relatively short time while others like Jim Gilliam and Frank Warren have served on a weekly basis for over twenty years. Shortly after KHCB went on the air, Jim Moehle became a volunteer. In addition to being a weekend board operator, Jim regularly climbed KHCB's tower whenever repairs or adjustments had to be made. Since FM technology went through a period of instability, there were many upgrades requiring changes to be made in the tower. Jim's experience as a tower climber saved the station from having to pay a high price for these services.

        Bill Neyland is another of KHCB's longtime volunteers. Bill found out about the station in 1962 through an article in the paper which mentioned a new FM station and gave a list of the programs. He was attending Rice University at the time, and his roommate told him KHCB was a Christian station.

        Bill began listening regularly and a few months later had occasion to visit the studio building. In May of 1963 after graduating from Rice, Bill was hired by the Texas Highway Department and the same month began as a volunteer for KHCB. Shortly afterward, Bill took over the most unattractive shift of the week, Sunday morning from 6 a.m. to 12 Noon. Pete Steigerwald says of Bill, "Very few people are willing to give up their Sunday 50 weeks out of the year to serve the Lord in a volunteer capacity." Bill has done this not just for one year, but for 33 years, and that is a notable record worthy of praise. In 1993, Mr. Neyland retired from the highway department but continues to volunteer faithfully at KHCB.

        In 1978 the staff was again enlarged as Bruce Munsterman, a communications graduate of University of Houston, was hired to handle announcing, production and news editing duties at KHCB. Bruce grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and accepted the Lord as his personal Savior at a very young age at a Vacation Bible School. He had a fascination for media, both T.V. and radio, from his youth. His father owned a rental store, and Bruce used to take home the unrented tape recorders. He spent hours recording theme songs from favorite T.V. shows, adding his voice over the music as the announcer. He also had a clock radio and became an avid radio listener. He always had the radio on while studying in his bedroom and flipped back and forth from station to station comparing the styles and formats.

        Bruce used his growing talents in his local church creating skits and dramas for the youth group. Often the youth performed for the Chicago Rescue Mission. After graduation, he enrolled at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where he experienced radio production doing sound effects for "Stories of Great Christians," "Bookshelf" and other dramas. After studying three years at Moody and receiving his diploma, Bruce moved to Houston to finish his undergraduate degree in Radio/Television at the University of Houston. He soon found out about KHCB and approached Pete seeking employment for a "poor college student." Pete told Bruce that the only position available was that of a volunteer. Bruce decided to trust the Lord to meet his needs and began volunteering for the station one day a week.

        During his last semester at U of H, Bruce worked as an intern in the news department for a local radio station owned by ABC. In the meantime, he continued volunteering at KHCB. Bruce sent his resume to several radio stations around the country. Bruce again approached Pete about a job at KHCB, and although the finances were tight, Pete saw great potential in Bruce and decided to offer Bruce a job and trust the Lord to provide.  After weighing several offers (not all of them in radio), Bruce accepted KHCB's offer, and joined the staff in May of 1978.

        A few years later, Bruce became the news and music director. As more staff were hired and his responsibilities increased, Bruce was again promoted to assistant manager in 1985. He walked alongside Pete learning the ins and outs of Christian Radio. When Pete shed his mantle as general manager to become the executive director in September of 1991, the Board promoted him to take over the reigns of leadership at the station.

        Much the same as Bruce, Bonnie BeMent came to KHCB as a student intern in 1984. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Bonnie now serves as KHCB's news and music director.

        Two others who began as volunteers and later joined the staff were Dan Tucker and Rex Sanders. Dan began volunteering when he was 15 years old. Being a victim of polio, Dan was confined to a wheelchair but that didn't deter him in the least. Wheelchair ramps were installed for him and for the next twenty years, Dan was a familiar voice to the KHCB listening audience.

        Rex Sanders began listening to KHCB on his transistor radio while in the army, stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. One long weekend, Rex decided to visit KHCB and, undaunted by the lack of a car, he took a bus to downtown Houston and walked eight miles to the studio building. After completing his military service and college education, Rex joined the staff in February, 1969. He has served on staff for over 25 years. His extensive knowledge of Scripture has been a valuable resource to many listeners.

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1. From Houston to the World
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10. KHCB Goes to the Rodeo
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15. Volunteers
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