Chapter 5 - "For It Is God Who Works"


Chapter 5 - God Reveals His Best

        Wayne Marcy is another man whom the Lord brought along to reveal His will for the beginning of a station. As a broadcast equipment dealer, Wayne had connections in the broadcast industry throughout the country. He was very astute, and a good negotiator.  

        Del and Wayne had been friends for years.  Wayne had been one of the first persons Del called when the Lord put the burden on his heart to bring Christian Radio to Houston. Now three years later, Del's vision and enthusiasm had not waned.

        Wayne had been helping by keeping his eyes and ears open for any stations available in the Houston area. He called one afternoon with the tip that an FM radio construction permit owned by Walter D. Caldwell of Amarillo was for sale. The experience with KXYZ (FM) was still fresh on Del's mind so he was only cautiously optimistic about this report.

         Mr. Caldwell owned several FM permits in different cities and had planned to put them all on the air, but his expenses were higher than he had anticipated, so he was anxious to sell the Houston permit for KWDC (FM) 105.7. A construction permit detailed the proposed studio site, transmitter site (which may not be at the same location), the operating frequency and the operating power for a proposed new radio station. Since FM radio was still in its infancy and not many people had receivers in 1961, it was not a money-making medium. An FM permit sold for a fraction of the cost of an AM outlet.    

        In light of this fact, Caldwell, as an incentive, was offering a package deal which included all of the equipment that he had purchased for the station along with the permit. Included were a 1000-watt transmitter and an antenna. From Caldwell's perspective, Houston Christian Broadcasters would be taking the construction permit off his hands as a favor.

        After praying about this offer, the Board felt the Lord leading them to go ahead with the purchase of the construction permit for FM 105.7. The sale was consummated in the summer of 1961 to Houston Christian Broadcasters, Inc. The sale price was $2,550.73. The Lord had closed all other doors and preserved what was to be the best for KHCB's future.

        The call letters, KHCB, were derived from HCB-Houston Christian Broadcasters and the K is mandatory for all stations west of the Mississippi River. (All stations east of the Mississippi must begin with a W). A few stations established before the Communications Act of 1934, which established this policy, were allowed to keep their former call letters.

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Table of Contents

Foreword & Preface
1. From Houston to the World
2. A Seed is Planted
3. Getting Started
4. The Lord's Ways
5. God Reveals His Best
6. The Lord Provides Personnel
7. Remodeling
8. Financial Struggles
9 Ministering Servants
10. KHCB Goes to the Rodeo
11. Programming
12. Expanding
13. New Studio Building
14. The Tall Tower
15. Volunteers
16. Changed Lives
17. Trustees
18. AM Station Acquired
19. Hispanics Launch Friendship Radio
20. Chinese Language Programming
21. The Gospel in Vietnamese
22. Translator Takes KHCB-FM to Bryan
23. Reaching for the Stars
24. To the Ends of the Earth
25. And the Work Goes On